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When I was about 6 or 7, Granny told me I would get sick if I kept eating so many strawberries. To prove her wrong, I ate nearly an entire flat by myself. Pap was so proud of my orneriness (and so inclined to encourage it) that he made sure to have a flat of the berries each time I visited. Granny would always say I was going to turn into a strawberry one day(aka you are what you eat???).

Well, here we are over 20 years later and Granny's prediction is finally proven right! And, while I am sweet, I don't mean the metamorphosis!

I ate most of a quart of berries tonight before bed and now here I am, in the bathroom, on the floor, hoping I have seen an end to my stomach pain.

For me, at least so far, this is the worst part of growing older. First it was dairy, especially glasses of milk, but now I am finding that lots of things (especially in excess) lead to issues. Maybe this is my body's way of reminding me to eat a balanced diet. Regardless, it is annoying!

I would much rathe…