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Though He slay me...

I could say a lot of things about the way I feel right now, but I am getting tired of thinking and talking about this. Needless to say it is another sleepless, painful night and I am waiting and praying for the pain killers to kick back in.

I have been thinking about Job a lot tonight. WBH and I taught the Job class at camp this summer. It is one of his favorite books of the Bible and one of my least favorite, though it contains my favorite verse: "though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him" or as the New Living Translation puts it, "God may kill me, but He's my only hope." Job 13:15

Here is my lesson moment, be careful what you ask for!

Part of my problem with Job is that I could never understand his faith during it all. I mean when you read the story, you know what is going on from God's point of view. I think it is important to read the book from only Job's point of view too. He had no knowledge of God's deal with the Devil. He didn't know …

Saturday, NPR Day! Everybody happy? Well, I should say!

Working with the parents of youth is as much a part of my job as working with the youth themselves. I often find myself in the middle of what are essentially "water-cooler" conversations with women and men that, while I nod and smile, I can't exactly relate with... or at least I couldn't until I got married. I am up past the time I wanted to be, with a huge headache, because my husband waited until about 2 hours ago to tell me he absolutely needed work clothes washed tonight. I had to smile because I was just with a group of parents today who were discussing the beginning of the new school year and some voiced comments about a return to their children doing nearly the same thing. "Mom, I have to have a dozen cookies for tomorrow," or new clothing, or have signed their parents up for something, or, my favorite, "Mom, I am supposed to bring a volcano tomorrow." lol The point is, in someways I don't think we ever grow up. :)

But that isn't my…

Google Girl to Shakespeare???

I am a brand girl. That doesn't necessarily mean brand name, but when I find a brand I like of something, I stick with it and I am willing to try anything related. This is true in food, in products of all kinds, in curriculum for my Youth, and definitely in my internet life. I am a Google Girl. My homepage on my laptop, desktop, and work computer are all google. When I am on another computer, I will skip their search bars in favor of going to google to search there. Whenever I enter into some new addiction or area of interest on the internet, I tend to look to Google to make things easier.

Google reader is my first stop each morning, even before I read my email. I glance through the top news, read my webcomics and glance through the updates from The Rachel Maddow Show and others. I also use Reader to follow my friends blogs, which I tend to read in marathons of blog reading as opposed to day by day. 
Tonight, as I watch BBC World News on my local PBS seeing people flee the East Co…