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One Thing Remains

It's nearly half past two in the morning. I am sitting in a beautiful atrium in the middle of the Galt House. Snow is coming down all around me, and it is absolutely peaceful... or it would be if the room weren't also full of other crazy youth leaders who are up late and enjoying each other's company. Still, it is beautiful to watch the large flakes swirl around in the lights of a sleepy cityscape.
This has been a difficult weekend for me. Adam has been sick most of the weekend which always stresses me out. Because he hasn't felt the best, he also hasn't been the nicest husband in the world this weekend. We have been pushing each other buttons for the last few days, in true WBH-LJ style. I've also been dealing with confronting some tough truths about myself and how I have been living the last year or so.
Fun times.
The good news is that my physical therapy seems to be helping. The stretches I am doing each day seem to be having the desired effect, as strange as th…