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Here You Come Again

If you are unfamiliar with the song Here You Come Again you should really check it out. It's a Dolly Parton classic (one of the few she didn't write). It was one of my favorite songs before I grew up and learned about battered women's (person's??) syndrome. But, as I am currently in an abusive relationship with my body's own sleep cycle, it seems fitting.

For the record, I'm the abusee, not the abuser.

I think.

4 am and I are becoming old friends. My hip aches, I have had 4 bad headaches in the last two weeks, my mind races with negativity, and I am not enjoying being a girl, if you get my drift. I lay down and all I can think about is pain. I try to relax, to meditate, but my mind begins to focus on every dumb thing I can remember doing in the last fifteen years. I pray and it leads me into feeling guilty about not praying often enough or for the people who need it (because our God is a transactional God and my specific prayers -- or lack there of -- make Him pow…


So yes, I am a few days (okay, a week) late for a January post, but really that is what this is.

My dear friend Kouw is challenging herself in an interesting way in 2013. Every month she is reading a book, trying a new recipe, and making a new craft, then blogging about it all. I found this fascinating and decided to try it as well.

Book:      So this is the main reason that this post is late. It was like pulling my own teeth to finish this book. Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowling was not a good fit for me, at least not at the moment. It was slow and while there were moments of surprise, most of it felt very formulaic. I'm not a big fan and I don't know that I would read her next book if it is in the same vein.

      Usually I can start a finish a book in a couple days (or a day if I'm not doing anything else) so I am not worried about finishing something and being able to post this month. I have no idea what I will try to read though.Recipe:       I tried several new recipes thi…