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Good Morning Monday

Want to know how to make a slow start to your day even slower and infinitely sadder?  Spill the last half cup of your coffee all over your knitting bag.  Yep, just that easy.  Thankfully my current project wasn't in the bag at the time. 

Today marks the first day of my new life.  Yes, I moved in last week, but I haven't  really been here.  I stayed with my nephews and sister-in-law at my grandparents Thursday night.  I left them Friday to pick up a couple youth and drive to camp for Youth Commission.  Slept in a very cold admin room Friday night.  Drove them home Saturday, only to go straight to a concert with more youth.  My exhaustion caught up with me there and I ended up leaving early.  I slept most of the day Sunday, which leads us to today.

My goals for the day are simple.  Showering, running errands with Adam when he gets off work, sorting through my books and putting them away...  Nothing too time consuming, but I like the idea of starting fresh.  So I will put in a go…

The Long Hello

I learned a lesson tonight that has been over six months in the
making. You would think with all the subtle hints -- and sometimes
flashing neon lights -- God has put in my way in that time, I would
have seen it coming, but I didn't.
It has come at a good time. I am in the midst of a great transition.
New town. New job (though I am still hunting). New life. New Laura!
In the learning of this lesson, I am getting even closer to breaking
the rest of the ties still holding me down to my old self. I am
evolving and learning to trust my instincts, even, and perhaps
especially, when it hurts.
I am hurt now, just as I was all those months ago when God first
whispered to my heart, but I will grow from this. I want to get this
lesson right this time. It's too painful to repeat.