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What is the point of pain?

There are so many people around me in pain today. Not just the physical pain that I am working through, but those dealing with loss and heart ache, and yet finding such strength in it. A woman who is one the sweetest, funniest, most caring women I have ever met, praying for just a few more days with the love of her life before his cancer takes him finding reasons to smile each day.. A teenager coming to terms with her father's alcoholism and the hurt it has caused her family, and someone how finding the strength to stand up to him and speak her mind. A woman my age dealing with chronic illness that has stripped so much of what she thought life would be from her, yet still pursuing her dreams and creating new ones. I don't know how she finds the strength to continue on each day. How any of them or the many others who are going through things do, but they do.

It makes me hurt for them. It makes me hurt for all of us. It makes me believe that there must be a reason for this pain,…