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The Xander Files: Episode 1

We adopted a new puppy on Sunday (the 27th). He is a Shar Pei mix and too freaking adorable for words. WBH felt he had a "noble chin" and so we named him Alexander the Great, or Xander for short.

He's had a few accidents in the house, but is starting to get the hang of house-training. He is such a needy little guy that the only reward he needs is loving and he is happy. Seriously, he drops his treats as he dances around begging to be pet. It is very sweet and makes it hard to be strict with him when he does make a mistake.

His former owners were not great with him and he moved from the pound to them to foster care to us. I think he is still not sure that this is his forever home, but every time he follows WBH around or snuggles closer to me in his sleep, I feel like he is starting to get it. :) It is awesome to watch him transform into a happier, healthier guy and we have only had him two days. He needs to put some weight on. Parvo took a lot out of him. We are feeding h…

In the darkness, something is coming...

It has been a long week. I started out with the best of intentions, but somehow ended up getting sidetracked anyway. It is frustrating.

I am being tempted with an offer that is nearly too good to refuse. It would be so easy to say yes, but as much as I want it, I also know that God is saying it isn't my time. I have so much going on, so much left to do.

Adam and I were talking earlier about a big decision we are in the process of making. He asked me if I thought we would ever be really ready. To be honest the answer for this decision and my offer are the same. No, there will probably never be a perfect time, but the God I serve is a God of will and purpose. He has a plan for me and all I can do is watch for his signs!

And there are signs, and he does still speak. I will listen carefully, even in the darkness.

I look in the mirror and all I see...

Two blogs in a weekend, what?? lol

I am up waiting for the sheets and blanket in the dryer to finish so I can put the towels in it. I should probably be cleaning out the frig right now, but here I am. WBH came home and I was very happy to see him. We sat together and chatted during dinner at Youth and then stayed up for over an hour just talking after the last of the Whosoevers (my name for the post high school to 20-somethings group we started on Sunday nights after Youth) had left. It made me feel better that he missed me as well. It is good to be needed.

I think God may be leading me to take a stand for the cause of equal rights under the law, but also under the Christian banner. I'm never sure where things will end up, but I am feeling stretched that way. Not that I don't believe in equality anyway, but I am wary of pushing peoples buttons, especially in my position. But you don't get anywhere with God by being subtle, so we'll see what He has in mind.

I am just ab…
I miss my husband. He has only been gone for 10 hours and I miss him dearly. It sounds silly, but it is true. The strange part is, I was really looking forward to this weekend, to having the house nearly to myself.

I used to housesit quite a bit. I love animals and it was an easy way to earn money, but the thing I loved most was the chance to be alone. I have never lived in my own home, whether it was an apartment or house. I've never had my own space and in the last several years have always lived in a place where someone else was the main renter or owner. When I had the chance to get away and be myself for a few days or weeks and make money besides, I always jumped on it. I loved to just sit in the homes and enjoy the peace and quiet. With a cat in my lap or a dog at my side, I would lounge on the couch or sit on the back deck and just take a moment to be alone. It was something I craved.

From the moment we first entered this house, I knew it was the one I wanted. I could see Ad…