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A High Tolerance for Pain

My physical therapist told me yesterday that I have a high pain tolerance. Monday marked 4 weeks since my hip surgery and I'm off pain medications almost entirely. It's only when I'm up enough to make my side really hurt and swell that I take one.

But I have been on opioids for months, maybe a year at this point. Maybe longer. That makes me an addict in the eyes of many, probably including the surgeon general. Really I'm a person who had a doctor who gave the wrong diagnosis and then gave up. I'm a person who had/has complex issues happening all at once which took a while to sort out. I'm a person that as in a lot of pain. I'm a person. Period.

I get so frustrated listening to current obsession with opioid addicts. There are people addicted to cigarettes and there are people who have one every few months. There are people addicted to alcohol and people who drink on occasion without issue. There are gambling addicts and those that go to a casino a couple t…