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No 'Poo Day 5 1/2

Well, I finally washed my hair. I decided it would be better to have a wet head tonight than in the morning going to church.
I am still worried about using baking soda because my scalp can get really dry this time of year. I did some more reading and decided to try a super diluted solution of castille soap and water. I put it in a bottle and poured that basically all over my scalp. then I rubbed and rubbed my scalp. It felt awesome to wash out some of the oil and grossness. I followed that with my usual ACV mixture.

It's odd because my scalp and roots feel very clean, while the rest of my hair feels moisturized but I am concerned about it looking oily. 
Sigh... I guess I will see what it looks like in the morning! :)

No Shampoo Day4 (ish)

Regrets? I've had a few...

Remember that whole deep conditioning thing I forgot to do? They were serious about that one. Seriously.

By Wednesday afternoon, my hair was a complete rats nest underneath. I could brush it out and did a few times with my fingers before I got home to use the brush, but it was a mess moments later! So before I made dinner I took one of the bananas we had just gotten from the store (because WBH had eaten the overripe banana I had been saving for this purpose. How dare him!), mashed it, added some apple cider vinegar and honey... and (here's the regret) a touch of coconut oil.

I know, I know. Coconut oil and No Poo apparently do not mix for most people. Apparently, I am one of the most people.

I put this in the length of my hair, twisted it up, and had WBH wrap me in plastic wrap. I started our dinner of potato soup and then took a shower to rinse it out with hot water.

24 hours later my hair still looked wet. I had read that is what happened to people wh…

No Shampoo Day1

It has been a long fall and in a lot of ways I have needed to make a change. I realize dropping shampoo may seem radical or anticlimatic depending on your view, but at least it is a project and something I can do by and for myself!

I forgot to take a before photo, but basically my hair is just below my shoulder with layers. The back of my hair - basically everything from my ear back and everything but the top layer in the back - has been super curly, nearly ringlets. The hair in the front and on top is straight. I have no idea where those super curls have been coming from.

Today I used 1 part castille soap to 5 parts water as shampoo. It was nuts! I couldn't believe how stripped my hair felt. I couldn't run my fingers through it at all! And I had the dreaded waxy feel so then I was worried how hard our water is and if I was going to be stuck with wax for days.

I washed it again with the bit of castille soap water mix I had left and it was the same. I rinsed and rinsed AND rinse…