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I Am Aware Now

Just the other day I was working with my dearest friend Kouw on a fic. I was trying to channel a character I had never written before and decided I needed some happier, more upbeat music (but practical, not bubblegum pop) to do it. So I turned on my Alanis Morisette pandora station. It was every awful (but beautiful) song she has ever written with a few angtsy No Doubt songs thrown in for good measure. Not helpful to say the least.

I turn it on just now looking for some angstiness to go with my current mood and I am treated to You Learn followed by Goo Goo Dolls. Not exactly what I needed.
I hurt. I have been hurting for so long it feels like always. 
I had therapy today and have been ordered not to stretch this entire week. Apparently I am too stretchy. I feel like one of those Gumby figurines I had when I was little. She really worked my butt cheek and IT band. It was not fun, but I felt good enough to go for a walk around the block with Xander just now.
I keep hoping that I have al…

Fanfic: More addictive than crack and cheaper too!

My WIP: Fanfic100 Challenge


Ten Words. Ten Tiny Words

I was trying to find a post on my old Xanga blog for a fanfic I want to work on and stumbled across this. I really liked it and thought I would share it here...

Ten words, Ten Tiny Words: A Writing Exercise

Ten words.  Ten tiny words.  She considers the page before her and reflects on the words written there.  She need only add two more to make it complete and she will...  She must.  The time to change what must be has passed, if it ever existed at all.  So she will do it.  She will sign her name and resign.  For a brief moment, she wonders if it will bring him pain, if he will have some sense of loss, but she angerly puts those thoughts away.  Now is a time for her and she will give herself this gift of freedom.  Twelve simple words on a crisp sheet of white will bring her peace.

... or so she hopes.

Ten words.  Ten tiny words, but originally there were twelve.  Somewhere in the last twenty years she has lost two words and so much more.  The ring of gold taunts her as it sits on his note…