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I recently spent an evening with one of my kids, let's call her Janice. Janice's parents are going through a dissolution (aka divorce). It had only been a few days, but already one parent was packing, readying to move out by that weekend. I spent the evening with her and one of my other kids. We got drinks, played with my puppy, watched Harry Potter movies, and ate pizza and wings when WBH brought them home.

We talked a little about decisions she was having to make, but mostly, I let her be a kid who was needing a break from a heart-rending situation. I stayed up later than I wanted last night, thinking about Janice's situation and my response to it.

I am a child of divorce, but I was young and remember so little about that time. I was still a child when my dad died and the situation it placed me in is what comes to mind as I think of Janice. Even at eleven years old, I could see that I needed structure, that I needed boundaries.. That I couldn't take care of my parent…