Tired of Pain

Today was a bit of a setback. My legs were knocked out from under me by one of the dogs' leads. Unfortunately, I hit the frozen ground, landing directly on the hip I had surgery on this past May. I just laid there for a while before trying to get up. That didn't work so well so I rolled over and got on all fours. I tried putting equal weight on my legs, but my right hip hurt so much I just couldn't. I crawled, awkwardly, into the garage, with the dogs following me and Davey crying at me. Luckily I hadn't put away my crutches after getting them back from a friend, so I was able to use a crutch and the chest freezer to get up. I came inside and called my in-laws, who came right over as they always do, and they got the dogs inside. I basically went to bed with frozen water bottles and iced off and on all day.

I have moved to alternating heat and ice with some gentle stretching in between. 18 hours or so out, I am doing a lot better. I have most of my range of motion and I can walk without the crutch, but my hip is still incredibly sore.

I'm just tired of pain. I know this specific issue could have happened to anyone, but it is just frustrating. I had to reschedule my physical therapy evaluation because the idea of riding there and having to walk into the building brought tears to my eyes. My hip was already hurting from the new PT exercises I started on Monday. On one hand, the delay in my eval gives me more time to get a big stronger. On the other hand, I was already having to skip two exercises because of the pain they were causing my hip (all of them cause pain in my side, for the record). I just want to feel better.

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